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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fiber?

Recent advancement in broadband internet technology, fiber optic provides super-fast speeds for surfing the internet. Its name comes from the use of plastic or glass cables, which allow for faster data transfer compared to the standard copper wires which are used in regular broadband connections. Optical fibers permit transmission over longer distances and at higher bandwidths (data rates) than wire cables. Fiber to the home (FTTH) is a relatively new and fast-growing method of providing significantly higher bandwidth to consumers and thereby enables more robust video, internet and voice services

What is broadband?

Broadband internet service is defined as 25 Mbps service and greater. It is the most desirable form of internet access because of its high access speeds. It can be accessed in four different forms: fiber optic, DSL (or Digital Subscriber Line), cable, and satellite. The old dial-up connection is the only non-broadband internet service available. DSL may be faster than dial-up, but it does not typically provide broadband service up to the minimum 25 Mbps definition of broadband. Fiber optic is the superior way to receive high-speed internet service, but its availability is severely limited in Tri-County’s service territory.

What are some of the other benefits of installing a fiber network in our service territory?

The fiber network could be utilized to provide Phone service in addition to affordable reliable high-speed internet service. Tri-County would also utilize the fiber network to enhance our smart grid technologies by connecting our 3 district offices, 13 electrical distribution substations and, other infrastructure to continue with the tradition of providing reliable electrical service.

What is the difference between what I have now?

FTTH networks have many advantages over current technologies. The key benefit is that it provides for far faster connection speeds and carrying capacity than twisted pair conductors, DSL, or coaxial cable. Fiber cables also provide for a higher degree of reliability. Because fiber cables are made from glass, they don't generate electricity or need grounding which makes them resistant to atmospheric and electrical interference. Fiber networks are also the most "future-proof" networks. Optical networks are upgraded by changing the electronics that create the light pulses on the cable and not by replacing the cables.

Are any other electric cooperatives providing high-speed broadband internet service to their members?

Electric cooperatives across the United States are stepping in to provide their members with high-speed broadband internet service where no other providers will. Currently, about 90 electric cooperatives across the U.S. (about 11 percent) provide high-speed broadband internet service to their members. About 200 more electric cooperatives are studying the viability of providing such a service to their members (including Tri-Count

What is TriCoLink?

TriCoLink is a subsidiary of Tri-County Electric Cooperative (Link to our Tri-County Electric website We are bringing fiber services including; ultra-fast gigabit Internet and fiber VOIP telephone access to all of Tri-County Electric Cooperative’s members.

Is TriCoLink part of Tri-County Electric Cooperative?

TriCoLink is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tri-County Electric Cooperative Corporation. As a separate company, TriCoLink is therefore managed separately from the cooperative.

What services will TriCoLink provide?

We will be offering high-speed internet and telephone through fiber optic technology.

When will these services be available to me?

Providing a reliable and cost-effective service is our top priority. Unfortunately, the completion of this project will not be an immediate process. Please bear with us as we work to bring high-quality internet and telephone services to your area. To follow along with TriCoLink’s progress, visit our Project Overview/Timeline page (Link to Project Overview/ Timeline page)

Will the network be active once the construction crew leaves my community?

No. The construction crews are preparing the network to go live, once construction in the area is complete. A representative will contact you to schedule an appointment for an in-home installer to return, finalize the connection, and test the services from your equipment. Once the installer has completed the final installation, your services should be fully functional.

Do I need to be present when construction crews are working in my community or on my property?

No, contractors will be doing all the work outside of your property, including attaching the box to the side of your home, but they will not need entry into your home at that time. However, once the construction of your fiber line has been completed, a representative will be contacting you to schedule a specific date and time for your inside installation. We will need access inside your location to complete your install so we will need someone present at that time.

Will I be required to pay a deposit?

No, you will be required to pay a one $100 installation fee prior to getting services.

Who will be eligible for TriCoLink?

Internet and telephone will be offered to all of the members of Tri-County Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Link to our Tri-County Electric website

How much will these services cost?

TriCoLink is providing high-quality service at affordable rates. Our rates are competitive and stable. There is no “introductory rate” change that will switch six months or a year later. We strive to keep our service simple, transparent, and affordable. Please refer to our Pricing Page (Link back to our pricing page) for more information.

Will TriCoLink offer cable television services?

TriCoLink is not offering cable television packages. However, TriCoLink’s Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) service supports streaming television into your home. Streaming technology is available from multiple outlets across the internet through additional subscription services not bundled with TriCoLink’s FTTH services.

Will TriCoLink provide Media Streaming Devices?

No. TriCoLink is not providing media streaming devices. However, our FTTH services will provide the internet connection needed to support streaming technology. Many vendors are offering devices that support streaming technology.

Will there be any data caps?

Data usage is unlimited and delivered at your selected speed (Mbps or Gbps). TriCoLink will not limit the total amount of data that our members can upload/download each month.

How will TriCoLink run fiber to my location?

If overhead electric service is available, we will follow the same route. If electric service to your home or business is underground, we will use the existing route where possible. If necessary, TriCoLink will trench new underground service to the home or business.

Will you sell my browsing information?

TriCoLink will never sell your information to third parties.

Will there be email accounts with my TriCoLink account?

No, TriCoLink will not provide you with an email account. You can choose from any of the email providers you wish.

What is Fiber Phone?

Fiber Phone, or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is a method of voice communication via the Internet. VoIP is a clearer form of communication that provides a range of advanced features and functionality. TriCoLink offers phone service for both residential and commercial purposes.

Do I need to purchase a modem?

Modems will be leased from TriCoLink and are included in your monthly plan price. TriCoLink will install the modem, provide technical support if any problems develop, and replace your modem as needed.

What if I'm under contract with another provider?

Before signing for service with TriCoLink, we recommend that you speak to your provider for information and requirements about successfully fulfilling/canceling your current contract without incurring extra costs.